These tutorials focus mainly on OpenGL, Win32 programming and the ODE physics engine. OpenGL has moved on to great heights and I don't cover the newest features but cover all of the basic concepts you will need with working example programs.


Working with the Win32 API is a great way to get to the heart of Windows and is just as relevant today as ever before. Whereas ODE has been marginalized as hardware accelerated physics becomes more common.


Games and graphics utilities can be made quickly and easily using game engines like Unity so this and Linux development in general will be the focus of my next tutorials.    




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2015I'll Be BackKubrick's Revenge
2015I'll Be BackKubrick's Revenge
Programmer's DallianceGreen DreamWorkers of America
Programmer's DallianceGreen DreamWorkers of America

Working with vertices

Edges, triangles and faces

Extruding triangles and faces

Working with verticesEdges, triangles and facesExtruding triangles and faces

Splitting Meshes

Extruding with snap to grid

Deleting and subdividing

Splitting meshesExtruding with snap to gridDeleting and subdividing