These tutorials focus mainly on OpenGL, Win32 programming and the ODE physics engine. OpenGL has moved on to great heights and I don't cover the newest features but cover all of the basic concepts you will need with working example programs.


Working with the Win32 API is a great way to get to the heart of Windows and is just as relevant today as ever before. Whereas ODE has been marginalized as hardware accelerated physics becomes more common.


Games and graphics utilities can be made quickly and easily using game engines like Unity so this and Linux development in general will be the focus of my next tutorials.    



1. Forger's (original) Win32 API Tutorial
2. Version 2.0 of theForger's Win32 API Tutorial
3. Win32 reference guide
4. A beginners guide to programming the Win32 SDK
5. Beginners Win32 tutorials
6. Programming Windows 3 (By Charles Petzold)
7. The #WinProg FAQ
8. Frequently Asked Questions about Win32 Programming
9. Astentech Win32 API tutorial
10. Win32 reference in PDF
11. Win32 API FAQ
12. Win32 Function Reference
13. Chris's Win32 page
14. Foreign Win32 Help
15. Win32 Links
16. CFanatic - Win32 Forum for beginners through to advanced users
17. LCC-Win32 Unofficial Page
18. GCC For Win32
19. AllAPI
20. F1 widget
21. Windows and graphics programming information
22. VisualC++ & Win32 FAQ
23. Chris Becke
24. Win32 Tutorials and Examples
25. Windows95 API Guide
26. Win32
27. Converting MS-DOS-based Games to Windows 95
28. Windows API tutorial
29. Win32 & Realtime: an article
30. Graphics and Multimedia Programming
31. Source Code Archives
32. Programming Win32 with GNU C and C++
33. VCL secrets and the practical use of the Win32 API (Delphi specific)
34. Win32 function reference pages
35. Win32 Information
36. An Introduction to Windows programming
37. Merlin's Delphi Forge
38. Win32 Programming Features
39. Operating System Overview
40. C++ tutorials for Windows
41. SGI Win32/OpenGL examples
42. Win32...
43. Win32/MFC large programming tutorial
44. Application Development for Windows
45. AtOne Application Framework
46. Windows Programming Links
47. Neil's Stuff
48. Mixed Articles & Tutorials
49. Robert Mashlan's Win32 programming
50. Mark Gamber's Win32 Web Page
51. Win32 API reference
52. Small Win32 reference
53. Win32 text in OpenGL app
54. Mammon
55. C, Win32, LCC tutorials
56. SGI's OpenGL with Win32 tutorial
57. Dos2Win32 Tutorials - Part 1
58. Dos2Win32 Tutorials - Part 2
59. Dos2Win32 Tutorials - Part 3
60. Win32 Programming Resources
61. PlaySound() tutorial
62. PlaySound() example functions
63. Errata Addendum for Programming Windows, 5th Edition
64. Win32 Basics
65. Shell Programming
66. Shell Guide
67. The Dev-C++ Resource Site
68. Windows API Tutorials
69. MFC Considered Harmful to Programmers
70. Window Wrapper for WinCE Win32 "Hello World" App
71. LCC-Win32 Compiler
72. Free Resource Editors, Compilers, Hackers, Icon Editors
73. Resource Hacker
74. Resource Compiler
75. Resource Editor
76. Win32 Tools
77. Shareware Resource Builder
78. Johnnie's Win32 API Tutorial
79. Multithreading Applications in Win32
80. Real-Time Behavior of the .NET Compact Framework
81. Introduction to Windows Programming
82. Win32 Tutorial
83. Creating Dialogs "from Scratch"
84. Memory Template Dialogs
85. Custom Open dialogs
86. Stealing Other App's (or System) Dialogs
87. Win32 Programming
88. Windows Programming Tutorial
89. Owner-Parent
90. Win32 API Documentation
91. A Generic Win32 Sample Application
92. Win32 Window Hierarchy and Styles
93. The Humble Dialog Box
94. Dialog Boxes
95. Win32 Programming Notes